Sunday, August 29, 2010

Self with Family and WOW Eyes

Yep... That's US! Using that good old trusty tripod and 10 sec timer! ;D
Guess that's how goofball on the end got away with his fake mustache...
Well, it's staying! ;p

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The Paper Mama

Facing Myself

Sweet Shot Day

Theme: Love

This is a couple I shot for their engagement and wedding.
Definitely AMAZING EYES!

Theme: Eyes Like Yours


Pam said...

Congrats on 3rd place with your WOW eyes!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are both great shots...and I remember seeing those eyes and thinking WOW. Congrats on being in the top 3.

The Wishful Lamb said...


thepunkrockmom said...

Beautiful pictures! You rock!

Here's an award to you from me! :D

Enjoy! Have an amazing week!

Karli said...

WOW! You really captured their eyes beautifully! Is that using only natural light? It looks amazing.

I'm just dropping a quick note to a few touch-up Tuesday friends. Not sure if you read my post from last week, but I've changed touch-up Tuesday to only the 1st Tues. of each month. Crazy school year stuff; my schedule is nuts! I LOVE your edits, and hope you'll join in...just letting you know it's once a month now. The next one will be Sept. 7th if you'd like to join in.

Have a great week! :-)

Holly said...

Thanks everybody!! WOW!!! There were so many great entries!
Ashley: I LOVED yours!! The upside down one, especially!!
Punk Rock Mom: Thanks so much!! Eyes are BEAUTIFUL!! The window to the SOUL!! This shot has always been one of my favorites because they both had such beautiful eyes!! ;D I was lucky to be their photographer! ;D
Karli: This was nearing sunset and I did use a flash on this one. I do prefer the catch-light of natural light on beautiful eyes, though... When the lighting cooperates. LOL!! Thanks for the heads up on the challenge change! I'll jump in when I get a chance!!

This week is one of those CRAZY weeks and I must seem to be MIA! I'll be around when I can, but I have to prioritize business at the moment. (((HUGS)))