Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black, White, Tongues... WOW! ;p

Above: Such a beautiful bride!!
The image(s) of I-15 in the snow storm fills the bill for 3 entries!!  ;D

This week's challenge: BLUES
The road image below fits both of these themes.  :D
This Week's Theme: WOW!
The series I am presenting is in response to Ashley Sisk@Ramblings and Photos
She wanted to see before/after images of this shot.  ;D
I'm sure you ALL know Ashley! She guest posts and judges...
She's a very supportive commenter and inspirational blogger!
If you aren't familiar with her, she is a MUST CHECK OUT!!
Above is the original file from inside the tinted windshield.
Above is the first edit (and one Ashley saw in a post)
This was actually the final edit.  ;D
This is the entry for WOW!
We were amazed at how the snow was blowing
across the surface of the freeway!
This was taken on I-15 as we were driving home (to UT from ID).
Visibility and road conditions were horrible!
If you look close enough, there is an emergency vehicle centered
and a car that is WAY off the road on the right third.

This week's theme: TONGUES
This is our cute Jake when we first got him from the rescue!
Yeah... He looks so little!!
He's... ummmm... CHUBBY, now...  ;p
I always LOVED this shot because of that tongue!!
I HAD to submit it!!  ;D
This week's theme: NATURE


Ashley Sisk said...

So many great entries - you should know that if there was a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc for In a Yellow House, you probably would have been in 2nd place. I really love that road shot. It's incredible. Oh, and if you want one of my can copy it at the bottom or find it on my photo challenge page. I don't keep a side bar so I guess it's not as easy to find it.

The Wishful Lamb said...

These are all awesome!! I love that story you told, hehe so cute<3

Traci said...

Beautiful bride and beautiful shot! Your little guy looks sweet - I think rescues are the best!

Holly said...

Ashley, Your Yellow House button is in my sidebar. Hope you don't mind my using your image in this post. I do have it linked to your blog. If it bothers you, say the word... ;D

Thanks Lamb and Traci!!

My rescue pup is about 13 now, chubby and so sweet!! His "NOW" picture is the very bottom one in the sidebar. ;D

justinegordon said...

wow what amazing photos, lovely blog!

Mommy2Four said...

What an amazing edit!

Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful bride! She is just lovely. Wow.

Holly said...

Thanks Justine, M24 & LWKaishon

Mama Mandolin said...

Ugh I hate snow like this! Great entry!