Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Few From Recent Shoot

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Short & Sweet Post of Recent Sitting

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sharing my 2008 Nature Photos in Hawaii!

This post is in honor of the 5th Annual Nature Photography Day!! I was not able to get out and SHOOT today, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite nature shots I took a couple years ago when we went to Hawaii!! I fell in love with plumerias and orchids while we were there!! I would also LOVE to go do a whole week on Kauai!! 6 of the following shots were on Kauai! The orchids were shot in Hilo at an orchid farm. The others were shot on Maui. Even with it raining and overcast the whole time, it was BEAUTIFUL EVERYWHERE we went!! 

Hope you ENJOY!! Let me know your thoughts!  =D

*All images copyrighted by Holly Jackson
Please do not use my images without permission. Thanks!  ;D

NaPali Coast, Kauai
Beach on Kauai
Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Taken on Kauai

Orchid Farm in Hilo, Hawaii
Orchid Farm in Hilo, Hawaii
Orchid Farm in Hilo, Hawaii
Orchid Farm in Hilo, Hawaii
Orchid Farm in Hilo, Hawaii
Iao Needle, Maui
Near Iao Needle, Maui

Near Iao Needle, Maui
Near the BIG OLD BANYON Tree in Maui
A resort in Maui
I think this flower was shot in Kona, Hawaii
Hmmm... this was a beach either on Maui or Kauai. LOL!
The wild roosters were EVERYWHERE and VERY colorful!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Blast from the Past: Aubrey & Alan 2007

A couple I did their wedding for in 2007 happened to be there at the wedding I did Saturday... with their toddler little girl! The grandma was commenting how I must be getting popular because everytime she goes to a wedding, I'M CLICKING AWAY as the photographer... She must not go to many... I don't schedule THAT many... I try not to overload... I like to have time still for family, church activities, and to do a good job on the editing... LOL!! Funny, theirs was outdoors on a rainy day, too!! At least It wasn't all wet when they walked down the isle. It waited till after and we did group shots inside.  ;p

Here are a couple from theirs...

I know... a little heavy on the flash here, 
but this was BEFORE I started using the ProMax System and I DO still LIKE it.  ;p   
Something cried vintage to me on this one... that's why I did the b/w... 
but the red just SHOUTED to be NOTICED... So POP goes the RED!!  ;D

I just LOVE chiffon on a gown... *sigh* LOL!
Fast forward to the present...
Here they ARE!!! He's in the ARMY now, stationed in Monterey...
I could definitely think of worse assignments... 
although when hubby was sent there, 
it was to become a Vietnamese linguest... *sigh*
She's pretty proud of her TAT... It's FRENCH...
That's her mom's name...
Advice from mom maybe??
Soyez toujours gentil 
Ont une bonne attitude 
Ne renoncez jamais
"Always be kind, 
Have a good attitude, 
and Never give up"
I think this is what it means, 
it's one of her favorite quotes, anyway.
Pretty COOL!  ;D
...and this is their CUTIE BABY with Alan's parents.  ;D

It's always FUN to see couples down the road.  =D

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ali - Kory Wedding Day

Here's a couple images from the day! Great couple, family, and party!! In spite of the weather, it was GREAT FUN!!  Thanks to ALL involved!!  ((HUGS))

Disclaimer: NONE of the following images have been edited yet and do NOT represent a finished job.  ;p

The KISS!! Please notice the WET all around the perimeter of the gazebo...
My knees were soaked... That's why we wear BLACK, baby!  ;p
The CHANGING of the SHOES...
Her dogs were barking... She wanted them OFF... NOW! LOL!
Check out the lovely effect of an outdoor wedding on a rainy day on the bottom of a white wedding gown. Good thing she's a mellow bride... It was NO BIGGIE!  YAY!! 
Maybe I'd survive without the Lorazepam after all... HAHA!! 

Yeah... OOPS, didn't switch WB for shoe change...
Yeah... Since I BARELY got there in time for the WEDDING, we reenacted her "getting ready shots..." HAHA!! She didn't really care and they just goofed around.
Hey GUYS!!! The goal here is NOT to DROP HER!!
They didn't... but I was worried for a second. HAH!
Then she has to keep her girls OFF her man... except his sister... LOL!! 
Yeah... staged... GEE!! How could you tell???  ;p
Do I hear an AWWWW...
After editing, I'll post a slideshow of more images.  =D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Current Project: Ali and Kory

This is what I've been preoccupied with for the last few days. Tomorrow is the wedding, so I'll probably not be around and beat when it's over. Just thought I'd give a head's up. This was a cute couple and fun to shoot. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

LumiQuest Pro Max System Review - AWESOME!

I've had many people ask me about this cool "thing" I attach to my flash and want me to tell them all about it!! So I decided to do a review of it. I am not being compensated by the makers of this product in any way, but it is a product I have been using for about 3 years now and I don't go anywhere with my camera without it! I absolutely LOVE it and highly recommend it to any photo enthusiast!!

This is the LumiQuest 80/20 ProMax System. I love how flexible it is to adjust as you need for any light situation. When direct flash is too much (it USUALLY is), this is the perfect tool to help you bounce it to just the degree you need. Use the main shell by itself when you want to bounce more light up and a little at your subject. This reduces harsh shadows and doesn't make your subject too bright. To soften even MORE, you can attch the diffuser. If you need more of the light bounced toward your subject, you can use the inserts. It comes with white, gold, and silver, and each color will adjust the color/intensity of light slightly depending on what you're wanting. The diffuser can soften that as well. I've attached a YOUTube clip that explains it well.