Tuesday, December 7, 2010

EYES, Self Portrait, Sepia and Photo to Canvas Review

Theme: EYES 
Beautiful mother and daughter 
with the same beautiful EYES!
Theme: Self Portrait
Thank HEAVEN for tripods  ;D
Me with my niece and nephew in Houston


Theme: Sepia


I wanted to share a review I did on my other blog, Diamond Potential,  that I thought YOU... being PHOTOGRAPHERS... would appreciate. With the quality images you take, you could make some WONDERFUL gifts of great quality and value for a REALLY good price!

I love sharing great ideas and products when I come across them. I've found a company that does beautiful canvas prints (also known as Gallery Wraps) for a fraction of the cost!! There are so many great photo gift ideas that truly make a personal and thoughtful gift for your loved ones. The great thing about canvas prints such as this is the high quality, classy texture and no need for an expensive frame!!

This is a photo I took a few years ago of the LDS Salt Lake City Temple in November, when the beautiful Autumn colors surrounded the Square. It was so picturesque and I loved how this tree partially obstructed the edifice. It made for a unique angle! This tree isn't even there, anymore. I wanted to showcase this image in a special way. What better way than a posh canvas print? The image is it's own frame and is akin to the type of prints you would find displayed in a gallery. 
I recently received my 16x20 canvas print from ZAZA GALLERY and it is GORGEOUS!! It is just as high quality as the other labs I've used and anyone can order through them for LESS! Check out the quality! Go ahead! Click on the image to open it larger. You can actually SEE the texture in the canvas! They use archival  premium canvas on their products!
I shot this image at an angle so you could see how the canvas is wrapped around the inner framing. They give you a choice of edges, too. This one is the blur edge. Here are all the options available:
You also get a choice a thickness!
3/4" or 1 1/2"
I took a shot of the back so you could also see the construction quality.
This now hangs proudly in my front room for all to see. 
This opportunity has been a privilege and I am happy 
to recommend this product to everyone!!

I've been comparing the different labs  and this one DEFINITELY WINS the PRIZE for quality and VALUE!! I'm going to do a comparison with other quality labs I've used in the past. I will mark the other 3 as A, B, & C. 
What I have shown here is a 16X20 so we will first compare the starting prices for this size:
A: $99.99     B: $90     C: $89.99     ZAZA: $68
NOW, let's say you have a beautiful portrait of your children that you just KNOW would make an ideal gift for the grandparents! You may not want to go so large and the ideal size is an 11X14:
A: $69.99     B: $70     C: $49.99     ZAZA: $48
Still big difference from the first 2!
Say you want an 8X10:
A: NA     B: $55     C: $24.99     ZAZA: $25
OK, that size isn't even offered with the first lab! The 2nd is more than DOUBLE! And ZAZA is the same as the 3rd... In all honesty, comparing the two I would definitely choose the quality and convenience of ZAZAover lab C. The colors are vibrant and construction is sound. They also have a great turn around time, shipping in 2-4 business days! I was impressed enough that their link is posted on my sidebar for recommended reference to all showing my personal stamp of approval.  ;D

If this is something you'd love to give as a perfect gift for a loved one, this is the perfect time to start the process! If you're not quite ready to submit your image or would like the individual to choose the image themselves, gift certificates are also available.

I hope you've found this informative and helpful in
your search for the perfect gift this holiday season!!
berries leaves greenish christmas pictures, backgrounds and images
Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to review this product at no charge. I received no monetary gain for this review and it is my honest opinion. I will only endorse (give my "stamp of approval" on) a product that I personally find of exceptional quality and value. Others I will give honest pros and cons and allow the reader to decide what is best for them. ~Thank you.  ;D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family-Newborn Shoot

Here's the STORY!! 
We have some life long friends... 
This is their daughter, husband and new baby.
Somebody was woken from her nap to come take pictures.
NOT a happy camper...
OH!! She'd had a shot that morning, too!!  :`(
SO, the princess SLEEPS!!
Then wakes up a bit happier.  ;D
The Paper Mama
... but NOT QUITE ready for BIG SMILES...
Still adorable!!  ;D
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hobbies and Mentoring

A few weeks ago I featured my 13 year old's photo.
This week, I'm featuring my 11 yr old's.
This photo was taken by my youngest.  ;D
He shows the most interest in this.
I think this is GREAT, personally!
I've done mini lessons with the boys and they did photography for their reflections contest.  ;D

This next series was from our adventures in the kitchen!
Hubby actually made these and was proud of his achievement!
Rightly so, they were YUMMY!!
For the full story behind this, check my post on my other blog.
I reposted these here because, well... THIS IS my PHOTO BLOG!  LOL!!

Theme: Hobbies
Photography is a given... I'm telling the story in Digi-Scrap, another!!
Cooking and Baking is another...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BLUE (with Peach)


Theme: Blue
From his eyes, the color of his shirt, the sky, and the pool cover in the background... However, Those are PEACH PIES and THEY did NOT make ME BLUE! HAH!!
I assisted, but HE made them! And they were YUMMY!!  ;p

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Smiling and Laughing

Not exactly a great technical shot, but we were definitely smiling and laughing!!  ;D
SOOC - NO editing  ;D

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dainty Orchid

Dainty Orchid
Theme: Flowers


Theme: SMIRK

"Peace Out" Girls

Friday, September 10, 2010

Here's Your SIGN! LOL!!

I DID snap some SIGN pix at the wedding I just did, but they are ALL SOOC as I am editing other images for them.

YES... Overexposed... 

The following "SIGN" pix broke the rules by going into my archives... but I HAD to share them, too! ;p
Immigrant Pavillion (interpretation of the writing...)
Close up of this pavillion from a little park in the Iao Valley on the island of Maui. I LOVED the COLOR!!
Kaua'i... My FAVORITE island!
Hubs in front of the Kona LDS Temple on the BIG Island of Hawaii (SOOC)
Hawaii is such a BEAUTIFUL place!!  *sigh*

PhotoStory Friday

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But the one below is a SOOC that was rather funny!
Yeah... HERE'S your SIGN!! HAH!  ;p
Theme: SIGNS
All of the above images go along with this theme.  ;D

The top photos were a trip to Hawaii with the Hubs!! We went on a cruise around the Hawaiina Islands for our anniversary and IT . WAS . AWESOME!! Our favorite vacation spot YET!! Kaua'i was MY FAVORITE island!! Don't get me wrong, I loved them ALL... But Kaua'i was just... *sigh*  Let's just say that I'll gladly FLASHBACK there, ANYTIME!!  ;D

The 2nd shot was more of a snapshot that I threw into some shots I was doing of my daughter. As she was climbing up this man-made park's DRY waterfall and I watched her with this SIGN GLARING so ironically at me... I couldn't HELP but SNAP it!! LOL!! 
Photo Roulette: Folder 8 Image 30
This one was actually taken by my son, "Stitch-Kid" last year for his Reflections contest. 
He was in the 6th grade and proudly displays it on his wall, now!  ;D
...and it fits just right for