Sunday, August 22, 2010

1. Leading Lines
Hahaha... This one does it 2 ways!
Their heads are lines coming together in the center...
AND they were the DRAMA LEADERS and frequently played leads and performed their LEADING LINES... LOL!! 
OK... I admit that was STALE! *blush*

2. Something Comfortable
I LOVE this one of the hubs and Jazzi-girl, comfy in his chair!

3. Feet
Baby feet are ALWAYS FUN!!

4. Sight
My Stitch-Kid who has had glasses to improve his SIGHT since kindergarten...

5. Sweet
Our son (HAPPY) and his bride on their 5 yr anniversary!!  ;D


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love all of your shots, your comfortable one in particular is my favourite.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Ashley Sisk said...

Awww...these are great - your son and his wife look so sweet together. 5 years together and still kissing like that? Awww.

Holly said...

Nana: That is a common sight around here. LOL!! I LOVE it!
Ashley: They do that ALL the time!! LOL!! They text each other across the room, too... You'd think they were high schoolers in a new relationship! They have 2 adorable kids, too!!

Ewa said...

What a great idea of leading linesand that comfortable shotis perfect:)
great photos!

Holly said...

Thanks Ewa! I did photos for the local high school's drama department officers and they can be quite theatrical. They wanted to do some FUN shots. This was one of them. The favorite was all of them jumping in the air "High School Musical" style!! Hehehe!!