Saturday, August 28, 2010

Listen... My Favorite Santa Shot ;D

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Santa shot with my boys!! Disneyland, of COURSE!!  ;D

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This top image was Christmastime in 2004! Look how LITTLE my boys are!! This was shot with one of those little point and shoot cameras and spifffed up a bit in PS-CS3. This is STILL my favorite Santa pic! I absolutely LOVE how the boys are listening so intently to what Santa has to say! 

We have other great ones, too! Like the Santa at CA Adventure the next year! But I have to leave SOMETHING for holiday time! LOL!! Needless to say, we MISS having annual passes to Disneyland when we lived in SoCal!! It was AWESOME!! We had Southern California resident passes which were good through the week (No weekends/holidays... blacked out most of Jun-Aug) and we DEFINITELY got our money's worth out of them!! We didn't mind the times that were blacked out because those were the crazy busy days, which we didn't care for anyway. We got pretty spoiled going on slow days when we mostly waslked onto everything! *sigh*  ;D


Ashley Sisk said...

A couple of things...1 - I love Disney and 2 - I love Christmas. This is the best of both worlds. On top of that, yet another challenge. I knew I liked you! :)

Giggly Girls said...

I love it!!

welcome to our wonderland said...

great photo

Anonymous said...

Love this shot!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

It's very expressive and tells a story~
How cool to have had passes.

Holly said...

Ashley: WOOHOO!! ;p Give me till after this next week's wedding... I've got something up my own sleeve! HAH!! ;D

Glad you all like it. I think it will be a lifelong favorite!!

Hubs is heading to SoCal to visit his brother in a couple weeks with our youngest and his sister, and another daughter and her baby. He already bought DL tickets and I'm STUCK HERE with the one that's in school... How fair is THAT??? LOL!! It's all good. I'll get over it. ;p