Friday, August 27, 2010

WHOOPS, Edits, Random, and a Sunset Silhouette! Oh MY!

This is the best I could do with THIS WHOOPS! I tried to make it look ARTSY!  ;p
I didn't show it to her at first. She asked about it because she remembered me snapping it. It wasn't a posed shot, I had the wrong lens and settings, but thought it was cute and snapped it quick, anyway. Even completely blown out she wanted it so I told her I'd try to make it better. I think the original file is on another external drive. If I find it later today, I'll upload it so you can see the difference.

This week's Theme: WHOOPS!
(aka The file never intended to see beyond the trash folder...)

Ashley Sisk pointed out yet ANOTHER photo challenge. LOL! Here's the SCOOP!

Brent Riggs recently took a trip to Colorado and thought he'd offer a challenge and reward for all of those who participated. Here's the deal:
  1. Download this original landscape photo he took by clicking here…
  2. Do your own version of improving, enhancing and otherwise putting “wow” into this image
  3. Put up a post on your blog displaying your enhanced photo, and explaining what you did
  4. Come back to this post, and enter your photo and blog post on the Thumbnail Linky 
  5. Then, Brent Riggs will do a private online demonstration of what he does to get his outdoor photography to come alive, and send a link to every person who participated by following these instructions and entered the Thumbnail Linky list.
Original Photo by Brent Riggs :

Original Edit by HJ/Pix Plus:

Final Edit by HJ/Pix Plus:

The first edit was a bit too rich, so I duplicated it, turned off the 100% layer and reduced the duplicate of it to 66%. I turned off the previous process layers so the final reduced opacity would blend with the original to make it more realistic. Yes... I get OCD about these things... THIS is why I have to limit my projects. LOL!!

I did a screen shot of my layers and tried to label each step. As you can see, I use layers and play them off each other regularly. I usually go more for a clean edit unless I have a specific goal in another direction. Hope this makes a little sense.  (((HUGS)))

... and the Photo Roulette lands on Folder 6 photo 14
(OR Folder 12 photo 14... must choose before looking.)

This was during our snow storm in MAY!!!
YES!! I HAD to get a picture of our tulips with the house in the background and the ridiculous SNOW!!

This is from my current bride that is getting married NEXT WEEK!!  ;D
Don't you just LOVE a pretty sunset?? I DO!! Our city has the BEST!!


Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

That snowy May capture is awesome! I thought you PS'd it at first. Too cool.

Ashley Sisk said...

Wow - so much going on here I'm not sure where to start.

1. I think the first shot is cute even if it's not perfect.

2. I love your edit - looks very clean and I like that. Are you blaming me for introducing all these challenges?

3. That sunset is gorgeous. Love the silhouette.

Anonymous said...

Love the silhouette! And a snow storm in May? Crazy! Well, maybe not for where you live, but for where I live! :-)

Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I appreciate your comments!

Ashley: LOL!!! No... I'm crediting you with it. You ARE the RESOURCE for photo challenges and I was giving a shout out! Hahaha!! HOW do you FIND them ALL???


Mommy2Four said...

lol.... I'm here because of the photo challenge, but I LOVE your silhouette photo! :)

I like your edit a lot too.... you just distracted me! lol Very cool shot!

Cara. said...

Thanks for joining Photo Roulette! That's one weird shot, tulips and snow! (Although I remember an easter like that when I was little.)

Also, I love the bride/horse shot. Very sweet!