Monday, August 23, 2010

Beach FUN!

This week's theme: BEACH FUN!
At the Beach2

Kids having FUN at the beach!! Isn't that what it's all about??
This would be my 2 youngest and our 2nd grandchild! 
We were at Huntington Beach in So Cal!


Shelle said...

It looks like they are having so much fun!! Great picture!

Ashley Sisk said...

They really do look like they're having an awesome time the expressions.

Holly said...

Thanks! ;D They were having a BLAST! There were others I was debating, but the expression on Silly boy's face just called out to me. Maybe I should have cropped in to just him! HAH!! ;D

Jessica said...

Oh I miss the ocean!!! Makes me want to be there with them!

Holly said...

We took the beaches for granted when we lived near them and now we MISS them terribly!! SO... If you live close to the ocean... GO TO THE BEACH MORE!!! ;D (((HUGS)))