Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Laughter, Work-Play, Yellow, B/W and Kids

I know, I'm sorry... I'm kind of MIA this week. Life's been crazy and other things have been priority. 
May be out of it for a bit, but I'll jump in here when I get the chance...
(or waiting for steps to save in PS!! LOL!!)
Theme this week: Laughter


The theme here being laughter, I couldn't resist throwing this 8 sec clip in of hubby making Vincent GIGGLE!

Theme this week: Work and Play
I guess the top photo can also apply here.
That is child #2 poking #s 3 & 4
That was definitely PLAYING!! HAH!!  ;p
But I had to add THIS!  ;D
I, too am going into the history files of my childhood. On this day I worked and played! LOL!! 
I was on the OTHER side of the camera for this wedding!! I was 4, my brother was 6. 
We were the flower girl and ring bearer for my dad's best friends' daughter. 
This was also my first public singing event. The band backed me up singing Apple Blossom Time!
SO.... Does this pic say 70s, or WHAT???  ;p

I know you all just saw this, but it applies here and 
I didn't have time to do another. Sorry... ((HUGS))

Straight out of the camera shots ONLY.


Theme: Kids
GRANDKIDS to be EXACT for this image.  :D
Ain't they CUTE?? Thes 2 are child #5's


This is one I shot and created into a postcard photo invitation.
This was the back, the front was color and they did use envelopes.  ;D
I blurred out the lettering for their privacy.  Just thought I'd share.


Ashley Sisk said...

These are all great Holly. I love what you did with your before & really made it pop!

Carol said...

Your entry for Laughter really caught my attention. Now, that is really, laughing from the soul laughter. Great entry!

Kayce said...

These are all wonderful! Love the laughter shot!!

melissa said...

The laughter shot is a GREAT shot! Makes me want to know what they're laughing at!

Teresa said...

I just love the laughter picture at the top. You also have very adorable grandkids!

Holly said...

Ashley: Thanks! I liked the shot, but it did lack that POP factor... You're right. ;D Now I need to take some shots of hubby's plate hibiscus flowers!! ;D

Teresa: I think they're pretty cute, too. :) Thanks!

Carol, Kayce, Melissa, & Teresa: The laughter is one of our family favorites. The daughter on the left lives out of state. The middle one said "Hey! Get one of the 3 of us!" So they sat there and were just smiling/posing... and he poked them in the ribs simultaneously... So, we have the actual response from them, and that look of mischief twinkling in his eyes. Yep, that pic pretty much sums up his personality. ;D

Mommy2Four said...

Love all of them! The laughter one is great... I love real smiles!

You before/after is gorgeous.... I love those flowers!

Ewa said...

beautiful photos

Nancy E said...

Agreed -- beautiful.
Your children are beautiful and I love the B/W shot at the bottom too!

Nice work.

Lolli said...

I adore that laughter pic!!