Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On the Water, Scavenger Hunt, & Labor

Theme: On the Water
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Here is the SOOC to the above image:
I adjusted levels, color, sharpened and cropped.
This is our 2nd son, his cute wife and grandkids from them.
Ain't they CUTE??? BWAHAHAHA....
It's OK, you don't have to answer, I KNOW it!  ;p 

1. Red & 2. Homespace
Sorry, had to combine them...
THIS is my front door, so it WORKS.  ;D
It's also SOOC, short on time.  *sigh*

3. Fence

This gal is a BIG part of my being busy. Her "country style" wedding was last Thursday and we took off camping on Friday. So I'll be busy with her edits for a bit.  ;D   So we had a perfect FENCE shot. YAY!!

4. Rock
I had to pull from my archives of June for this one. I did shoot my son on a rock up camping, but I don't have timeto edit it and it NEEDS it badly.  So, hope you like this one.  ;D

5. Sharp
Her bouquet is in "sharp" focus?
Hmmm... I was debating between the sharp KNIFE for the cake cutting or the sharp(?) toe of the boot?? LOL!! I know, it's a stretch, but this one appealed to me more and it's edited already... ;p
Theme: Labor
Trust me... Shooting plays and casts is laborious.  ;D


Ashley Sisk said...

I tell ya what...had I just shot a wedding, I probably would have taken a week off...but you're a real trooper to take on this many challenges. Love the scavenger hunt items - what's going on at your front door...there's movement by the bench and I can't tell what it is. Have a great week. Get some rest.

Holly said...

Hi Ashley!! It's what I do with my insomnia. LOL!! Is it my HJP watermark you're seeing?
Thanks! I DO need ot catch up on some SLEEP! *sigh* YOU have a GREAT week!! ;D

Karli said...

Holly, I am BEYOND impressed with your touch-up! WOW! Holy sharpness Batman! I cannont believe you got such a clean, gorgeous, clear edit! Is it my eyes, or is the SOOC a little blurry? (It really could be my eyes...I've needed glasses for 5 years. Really). That edit is unreal! And yes, your son's family looks like they stepped on the page of a magazine. Good genes! :-) Thanks so much for sharing your edit - it's amazing!

Yellow House said...

Thanks for linking up! Makes me think it's time for our family to take some shots together!