Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hobbies and Mentoring

A few weeks ago I featured my 13 year old's photo.
This week, I'm featuring my 11 yr old's.
This photo was taken by my youngest.  ;D
He shows the most interest in this.
I think this is GREAT, personally!
I've done mini lessons with the boys and they did photography for their reflections contest.  ;D

This next series was from our adventures in the kitchen!
Hubby actually made these and was proud of his achievement!
Rightly so, they were YUMMY!!
For the full story behind this, check my post on my other blog.
I reposted these here because, well... THIS IS my PHOTO BLOG!  LOL!!

Theme: Hobbies
Photography is a given... I'm telling the story in Digi-Scrap, another!!
Cooking and Baking is another...


Ashley Sisk said...

I tell ya what - you've got a great family and those boys...real talent!

Elizabeth said... is definitely a hobby of mine too. Lovin' your scrapbook pages too :)

justine said...

what fantastic pictures!

Teresa said...

It's so nice to have something you can share with your sons. Lots of fun! Great pictures of the cooking husband as well.

jeffkny said...

The cookies look really good! But more than this is the fact of getting your boys into photography. My daughter caught my genes for this, but lately my son has taken to borrowing dads Nikon.

Jennifer said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing! I need a picture of that peach tree, or one of those beautiful peaches on my blog! One of those peaches could make a great button! :)

Thanks for following my blog! I'm now following you. ;)

Jennifer @