Friday, September 10, 2010

Here's Your SIGN! LOL!!

I DID snap some SIGN pix at the wedding I just did, but they are ALL SOOC as I am editing other images for them.

YES... Overexposed... 

The following "SIGN" pix broke the rules by going into my archives... but I HAD to share them, too! ;p
Immigrant Pavillion (interpretation of the writing...)
Close up of this pavillion from a little park in the Iao Valley on the island of Maui. I LOVED the COLOR!!
Kaua'i... My FAVORITE island!
Hubs in front of the Kona LDS Temple on the BIG Island of Hawaii (SOOC)
Hawaii is such a BEAUTIFUL place!!  *sigh*

PhotoStory Friday

Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

But the one below is a SOOC that was rather funny!
Yeah... HERE'S your SIGN!! HAH!  ;p
Theme: SIGNS
All of the above images go along with this theme.  ;D

The top photos were a trip to Hawaii with the Hubs!! We went on a cruise around the Hawaiina Islands for our anniversary and IT . WAS . AWESOME!! Our favorite vacation spot YET!! Kaua'i was MY FAVORITE island!! Don't get me wrong, I loved them ALL... But Kaua'i was just... *sigh*  Let's just say that I'll gladly FLASHBACK there, ANYTIME!!  ;D

The 2nd shot was more of a snapshot that I threw into some shots I was doing of my daughter. As she was climbing up this man-made park's DRY waterfall and I watched her with this SIGN GLARING so ironically at me... I couldn't HELP but SNAP it!! LOL!! 
Photo Roulette: Folder 8 Image 30
This one was actually taken by my son, "Stitch-Kid" last year for his Reflections contest. 
He was in the 6th grade and proudly displays it on his wall, now!  ;D
...and it fits just right for


Ashley Sisk said...

There are a ton of pictures in this post and I love them all. I really love your son's picture. It's quite beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Wow your son's photo is amazing! Good job to him!
I'm also a fan of the Kauai pictures :) It's so amazing there i hope to make it back someday!

Holly said...

I loved my son's, too!! Next week I'll show the one my other son did of a duck for Reflections! We've done some lessons and they've really done well! The younger one is the most into it.

Thanks Ashley and Jennifer, for coming by and commenting!! You're AWESOME!! ;D

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Sounds like a great trip to the Islands.... I want to go there someday.
Unfortunately 2 of your photos didn't load so I didn't get to see them all.

Cara. said...

Your son's photo is beautiful. It has earned the place on the wall... Thanks for playing. new linky coming ASAP.