Monday, June 14, 2010

Blast from the Past: Aubrey & Alan 2007

A couple I did their wedding for in 2007 happened to be there at the wedding I did Saturday... with their toddler little girl! The grandma was commenting how I must be getting popular because everytime she goes to a wedding, I'M CLICKING AWAY as the photographer... She must not go to many... I don't schedule THAT many... I try not to overload... I like to have time still for family, church activities, and to do a good job on the editing... LOL!! Funny, theirs was outdoors on a rainy day, too!! At least It wasn't all wet when they walked down the isle. It waited till after and we did group shots inside.  ;p

Here are a couple from theirs...

I know... a little heavy on the flash here, 
but this was BEFORE I started using the ProMax System and I DO still LIKE it.  ;p   
Something cried vintage to me on this one... that's why I did the b/w... 
but the red just SHOUTED to be NOTICED... So POP goes the RED!!  ;D

I just LOVE chiffon on a gown... *sigh* LOL!
Fast forward to the present...
Here they ARE!!! He's in the ARMY now, stationed in Monterey...
I could definitely think of worse assignments... 
although when hubby was sent there, 
it was to become a Vietnamese linguest... *sigh*
She's pretty proud of her TAT... It's FRENCH...
That's her mom's name...
Advice from mom maybe??
Soyez toujours gentil 
Ont une bonne attitude 
Ne renoncez jamais
"Always be kind, 
Have a good attitude, 
and Never give up"
I think this is what it means, 
it's one of her favorite quotes, anyway.
Pretty COOL!  ;D
...and this is their CUTIE BABY with Alan's parents.  ;D

It's always FUN to see couples down the road.  =D