Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ali - Kory Wedding Day

Here's a couple images from the day! Great couple, family, and party!! In spite of the weather, it was GREAT FUN!!  Thanks to ALL involved!!  ((HUGS))

Disclaimer: NONE of the following images have been edited yet and do NOT represent a finished job.  ;p

The KISS!! Please notice the WET all around the perimeter of the gazebo...
My knees were soaked... That's why we wear BLACK, baby!  ;p
The CHANGING of the SHOES...
Her dogs were barking... She wanted them OFF... NOW! LOL!
Check out the lovely effect of an outdoor wedding on a rainy day on the bottom of a white wedding gown. Good thing she's a mellow bride... It was NO BIGGIE!  YAY!! 
Maybe I'd survive without the Lorazepam after all... HAHA!! 

Yeah... OOPS, didn't switch WB for shoe change...
Yeah... Since I BARELY got there in time for the WEDDING, we reenacted her "getting ready shots..." HAHA!! She didn't really care and they just goofed around.
Hey GUYS!!! The goal here is NOT to DROP HER!!
They didn't... but I was worried for a second. HAH!
Then she has to keep her girls OFF her man... except his sister... LOL!! 
Yeah... staged... GEE!! How could you tell???  ;p
Do I hear an AWWWW...
After editing, I'll post a slideshow of more images.  =D