Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Playing With Light

My cute hubby is such a GOOD SPORT!!
Window Light

Soft Light (Shade)
left above & below
Natural Light
(I liked them both!)

Artificial Light:
One strobe with umbrella and External falsh on flash bracket (Tripod used)


Harsh Light (below)

Harsh Light with Flash Fill (right)
(Not his favorite expression)

So many people don't realize what a difference light makes in an image. If you schedule a photo shoot in the middle of the day and there's not enough shade, you are seeing squinted eyes, bright spots on the face that take away from the subject, and harsh shadows. This is why I try to do shoots the hour before sunset or on an overcast day. something to think about if your scheduling an outdoor event. ; )
Didn't make it to Sandy yesterday. ; (
Vincent had appointments yesterday and today, so we're going to make it another time.
I'm also trying to catch up on some work here. Maybe I just want to hold a BABY! ; )

I recropped this to a tight square. I like it even better now!! ; )
(This was taken with an external flsh being bounced off the low ceiling just behind me.)


shreevit2beaver said...

I love this picture. I have painted some frames that I want to put up in Vincent's room so we will need to get lots more pictures of him so I can put them up.