Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Friend is in ICU ;`(

My friend Teresa has Menengitis. She's been in ICU for a few weeks and is expected to be there at least a few more. I'm praying for her family and for her recovery. She's a delightful lady who is one of the most unselfish people I know. She has an awesome family. When I lived in Hooper, she was there for me constantly. Even after I moved, we'd occasionally have lunch or just visit. Anytime something major has happened in my family, she has run to my side. I hope I can be as good a friend.
Teresa, Ricky, Heidi, Andrea, Jackie, Rodney, Blake, & Tim... Hang in there and GOD BLESS YOU!! (All prayers are WELCOME!!)

Richard & I went to see Teresa last night after going to the temple. When we first went in it looked like she was sleeping, so I was trying to leave a note on the chocolate bar we brought for her and put it by her water. As I was she said, "What are you 2 doing here? You better say Hi!" I gave her the chocolate bar and she put it under the sheet holding it while talking. She felt pretty warm. I imagined her falling asleep like that and the nurses finding her in a pool of chocolate... LOL! I told her I'd put it by her water so if she needed it she could find it. She mentioned she saw my grandbaby earlier (??? OK???) and that she didn't know what they were doing for Mother's Day, probably just going to church and she'd probably see me there this Sunday. I told her probably not this week. ; ) She was asking about how our family was. She's such a sweetheart!! Even though she likely won't remember we stopped, I'm SO glad we did! Hang in there family! She's a wonderful woman, as you well know! This too shall pass...