Saturday, June 14, 2008

Amy & Vincent Visit

Ain't he SO CUTE!!??!!
This was hard for me... I've had a tickle in my throat and keep coughing. so I didn't want to risk giving anything to Vincent...
so I had to restrain myself! ;`(

Travis was camping, so we'll have to do a "Daddy & Vincent" another day! ;o)


Pix of Jake & Jazzi were taken around the same time on Saturday...
  • Yes... MORE DOG PIX!! Can't help it... they're CUTE, too! ; P


shreevit2beaver said...

okay crazy thing. I just looked at the picture with me and Vince and I thought it was Jenni in the picture and then I saw that it said Mom and Vincent and I was like oh that's me. haha, crazy Cute picture!